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Welcome WIRES


To order WIRES items you must login with your WIRES Resources account details.


EnviroPrint Australia is working to assist WIRES volunteers by making branded merchandise, signs and stationery easy to access. Registered WIRES users are able to place orders for WIRES approved items. Most of the items will be “In Stock” already, with a few items listed as "On Demand" which will be produced after your order is placed. Please check the turnaround times and allow for shipping to your location.


  • WIRES Branch Treasurers will have access to the system for placing orders
  • Planned orders need to be approved by at least 2 WIRES Branch Executives 
  • Only WIRES approved products can be added to your shopping cart
  • All orders will be invoiced to Head Office, so please don’t pay for your order, instead select: "Business-to-Business Agreement" as your payment method
  • Treasurers need to forward confirmed order emails with the signed funds requisition form to  
  • EnviroPrint Australia will processes orders post payment, so it is important to get your funds requisition form in as soon as possible after ordering.
At the time of system launch all Treasurers will be invited to the system. Post launch if you are new to the Branch Treasurer role, or acting as Treasurer and need access to WIRES Resources collection, please contact who will organise it with EnviroPrint Australia.

Following approval you will be sent a WIRES Resources Customer account activation email and you can create your own password to use this service.

If you want to purchase other items in the EnviroPrint Online Shop outside of the WIRES collection, these must be purchased as a separate personal transaction, using a different personal login.

Thank you for everything you do to help our native Australian wildlife!

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