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Educational Activities


All items in EnviroPrint Australia's Educational Activities are printed onto reclaimed recyclable potential waste paper. The potential waste paper that is utilised through EnviroPrint, rather than being destined for recycling, saves trees, oil, electricity, water and landfill, plus has a direct impact on reducing climate change!

Every design is original, and specially created to help support some of Australia’s most worthy non-profit conservation organisations and help save Australia’s threatened species.

EnviroPrint Australia distribute and sell these items to inspire community awareness, patriotism and compassion in our youth for the benefit of their future families. Your support will enable us to expand our assistance program.

All activities are suitable for persons over the age of 3 years and ideal for schools, preschools, wildlife parks, zoos, conservation groups, in fact any organisation that is passionate about educating their community on these vital environmental and conservation issues.