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WIRES Resources


To order WIRES items you must login with your WIRES Resources account details.

EnviroPrint Australia is working to assist WIRES volunteers by making branded merchandise, signs and stationery easy to access.

Registered WIRES users are able to place orders for WIRES approved items. Most of the items will be “In Stock” already, with a few items listed as "On Demand" which will be produced after your order is placed. Please check the turnaround times and allow for shipping to your location.


Payment: No payment will be required with your order through this site, your branch will be charged for orders through the normal funds requisition process.

When you get to the PAYMENT SECTION, please choose the Business-to-Business Agreement as the Payment Method – please do not pay.  When you receive confirmation please forward the confirmation to along with your funds requisition signed by 2 executives.

Current prices applicable until 31st December 2020

Thank you for everything you do to help our native Australian wildlife!