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Australian Threatened Species

"Australia is lucky to have some of the most beautiful and unique creatures in the world. All living things - plants and animals (including people) are part of a complex, delicately balanced network called the biosphere.

The removal of a single species can set off a chain reaction affecting many others. The full significance of extinction on the world is difficult to predict, but it affects us all. Extinction is no longer a "natural" process, most often it is a direct result of human activity. Every creature has a right to exist. Our challenge is to make sure they do." - JJ

EnviroPrint Australia's Collector Cards are printed onto reclaimed recyclable potential waste paper. The potential waste paper that is utilised through EnviroPrint, rather than being destined for recycling, saves trees, oil, electricity, water and landfill, plus has a direct impact on reducing climate change!

Every design is original, and specially created to help support our beneficiaries (some of Australia’s most worthy non-profit conservation organisations) and help save Australia’s threatened species. Contact us for more information here.

EnviroPrint Australia Collector Cards