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Bilby Buddy Sponsorship - Jessica

Save the Bilby Fund

Bilby Buddy Sponsorship - Jessica



Save The Bilby Fund
Become a Bilby Buddy for JESSICA BILBY

Given the name Hope because she represents`hope’ for this very endangered species.
As a female Hope will play a very important role in Dreamworld’s breeding program and hopefully give birth to lots of joeys that can one day be released into the fenced enclosure at Currawinya National Park.
She is very energetic and loves digging for crunchy insects in the sand. After a busy night searching for hidden food she likes to snuggle up in her burrow with her boyfriend Manthey. Hope can be seen on display at Dreamworld in the Bilby Nocturnal House.

Given the name Jessica after Australia’s Jessica Watson - the youngest person to sail solo unassisted around the world.

Jessica the Bilby is a great Mum and while living at Dreamworld she has given birth to 8 little joeys including two sets of triplets!  Just like Jessica Watson she is a brave girl and she is very protective of her precious little joeys keeping them safely tucked away in their burrow until they are big enough to forage for themselves. Jessica Bilby is a small, very pretty female with extra soft and silky fur. She loves to pose for photos and show everyone just how beautiful Bilbies are. Jessica’s youngest offspring - Patty, has recently moved to Darling Downs Zoo, along with a young male where they will hopefully contribute to our captive breeding program with joeys of their own.

All Proceeds help Save The Bilby Fund.
Fee includes mailed sponsorship pack and is a tax deductible donation.
For more information about bilbies visit SAVE THE BILBY FUND.

Save The Bilby Fund

Individuals, schools, clubs and families can become a Bilby Buddy.
Also a great Australian Easter gift idea!


Annual Bilby Buddy Sponsorship:

As a Bilby Buddy you will be directly supporting
Save The Bilby Fund's conservation work

  • Community awareness and education campaigns
  • Captive breeding and release to the wild programs
  • Field conservation and research projects
  • Feral animal management

    The Bilby Buddy Sponsorship Pack includes

    • Personalised printed A4 Certificate
    • Your Bilby's Biography
    • Information about the projects you'll be supporting
    • Bilby Buddy updates via our e-newsletter

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